Although notions of disability have evolved over the years to form a more inclusive understanding of disability, stigma and stereotypes remain prevalent. InvisAbilities was created to highlight the often-forgotten facet of disability: conditions which are not apparent at first glance. Hidden disabilities are common, especially among young adults. InvisAbilities facilitates understanding through the development of peer-to-peer networks and awareness initiatives.

InvisAbilities is open to everyone, with a focus on young adults with and without illness. Interested in Medicine/Patient Care? InvisAbilities may be of particular interest to individuals pursuing a career in medicine or patient care (in majors such as Life Science, Nursing, Kinesiology, Psychology, Sociology etc.)

If you would like to get involved as an InvisAbilities Ambassador, please contact Julie Harmgardt, Founder and Executive Director of InvisAbilities at jharmgardt@gmail.com

InvisAbilities activities include:
Awareness Events, Peer-to-Peer Illness Networking, InvisAble Yoga, Meditation Classes, Dog and Art Therapy, Lending Library, Community Outreach, Discussion Forums etc.

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