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Celitax helps celiac disease sufferers track gluten-free purchases

The piles of insurance forms and medical documentation “extras” of living with chronic illness are stressful. This app’s goal is to offload some of that burden. Celiacs are entitled to the incremental cost difference… Continue reading

“I have taken over 50,000 injections. I am profoundly grateful for every one of them”

Canada: Home Of The World’s First Miracle Drug “I have been living with diabetes for 28 years. In my lifetime thus far, I have taken over 50,000 injections. I am profoundly grateful for… Continue reading

Jim Flaherty’s rare skin disorder had a tremendous effect on him

Terribly saddening news, former Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty passed away today. In 2013, Flaherty told the public he suffered from bullous pemphigoid, an incurable autoimmune skin disorder that causes painful lesions. However, his… Continue reading

On Not Being Handicapped “Enough”

An insightful read. [NB: we prefer using the term “disAbility” here at InvisAbilities.] “It felt strange having to go to the DMV and pick up the placard as a young girl with no… Continue reading

Re-blog: How Not Being Able To Have Kids Of My Own Gave Me A New Outlook On Life

Many young people take future ‘milestones’ such as having children for granted. But for people (both men and women) living with chronic illnesses which impact fertility, the ability to have children is a… Continue reading

Say it like you mean it

“How are you?” “Good, how are you?” #sayitlikeyoumeanit.  Great article about why we should impute our “How are yous” with true intention curiosity. “Everyone tackles new giants every day; wouldn’t it be nice knowing… Continue reading

Waiting for change

By Phillip McCorkell I just dropped two classes towards my grad certificate. The course load was just too much. I should have known better than attempt a full course load again. When I first… Continue reading

This Is What I’ve Been Doing Since You Became Ill

An amazing article by ThoughtCataolgue: This Is What I’ve Been Doing Since You Became Ill Too often we forget about our loved ones as we go through the process of our own illness. They… Continue reading

CTV: Nasty note left on woman’s vehicle

Click here to see the news clip.  “People must not assume.” A powerful example of the misunderstandings that surround non visible disabilities and how they impact the daily interactions we have with individuals living… Continue reading

Insightful article: Invisible disability in the workplace

An insightful article from about the hidden difficulties of invisible disabilities at work. See the full article here: Invisible disability in the workplace Key points from the article The main challenge for her is… Continue reading