On Not Being Handicapped “Enough”

An insightful read. [NB: we prefer using the term “disAbility” here at InvisAbilities.]

“It felt strange having to go to the DMV and pick up the placard as a young girl with no blatant physical issues. Between being verbally accosted at retail stores and visually attacked at rest stops, I have begun to wonder what the definition of [disability] means to most Americans … When it came down to it, I guess I had always placed myself and my disability someplace in between “normal” and “not normal” -– not quite fully identifying with either. In our society, people and their attributes tend to have to fit within certain succinct categories with no consideration of severity or acknowledgement of anything not exactly fitting within these categories. We are all experiencing some sort of struggle, please do not try and categorize one you have no idea about.”

Full article here: http://bit.ly/OljvkB