Jim Flaherty’s rare skin disorder had a tremendous effect on him

Terribly saddening news, former Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty passed away today. In 2013, Flaherty told the public he suffered from bullous pemphigoid, an incurable autoimmune skin disorder that causes painful lesions. However, his death is reported as unrelated.  

“Flaherty’s dedication to social justice is often overlooked. Every single budget he introduced had significant measures for people with disabilities, most significantly the disabilities savings fund.” – Chisholm Pothier, Director of Communications at the Finance Department

“Flaherty did a lot for Canada’s rare disease community and he should be celebrated for that. While education on the disease could and should be improved it’s sad that the name pephigous or pephigoid got into the news this way.” – Dr. Zrnchik

Full article: http://bit.ly/1qmd8vw

Jim Flaherty