Fighting Fibromyalgia

By Carley W. 
I had a bad day mum, can I get a hug?
I’m so discouraged right now.
But wait, don’t go,
what do you mean it hurts too much?
But mum, why is dad so upset?
It’s hard to see you in pain.
I understand it’s not all in your head,
Come on mum, you can do it, just get out of bed
But if I hug you I hurt you,
I don’t understand how to help;
Please mum, you can do it
Could I make you tea in bed?
What do you mean you forgot my birthday?
My school? My degree?
All this fog in your head
Makes it hard for even me to see…
I’m sorry I’m crying
I know it’s not your fault
Mum, you’re my rock –
Why are you falling apart?
I want to piece you back together,
I’m so sorry I don’t know how;
Mum please, hold your head up,
Don’t give up on me now
A good night’s rest,
And all that pain will recede,
Tomorrow will be better,
It will be great, you’ll see.
What do you mean you can’t sleep?
I’ll be quiet, just try;
But how can pillows hurt?
Please mum don’t cry.